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Shopping Expeditions



If you have already visited Bali you will be aware of the enormous talent and craftsmanship of the local artisans and the vast variety of products available.

If you are planning your first adventure to Bali allow us to introduce you to the vast treasure trove that awaits. Our shopping expeditions are personalized to ensure your own stay in Bali is a memorable experience as you enjoy your purchase for years to come.

Alternatively, take off on your own adventure and let us help you get your purchase(s) back to Sydney safely.

Cargo rates

A$355.00 per cubic metre
*This price includes insurance, handling and collection in Bali, packing, fumigaton and clearing ex our Sydney Warehouse. It does NOT include forwarding and excess weight. Insurance excess applies on claims.


Cost of any charges for additional fumigation ordered by AQIS on arrival in Sydney, advice on this product on application

Excessive weight & size

Extra charges may apply if a single item requires special arrangements for handing

Every trip I come across something I haven't seen before. The willingness to embrace new ideas, the patience to adapt and produce a product catering to all design concepts continues to amaze me. Share your inspirations with us and let us find those unique and special pieces to achieve your dream.
Hand crafted products from construction through to final decorating and lighting. Create something special and individual to come home too.

Give Libby Reid a call on 0408 963 833 to organize and find out more.


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